Máme právo žít

Ahoj ! Jsi na stránkách proti testování a týrání zvířat.
Jsi také proti ?? Podepiš se jako ostatní ! V menu najdeš odkaz.
Také se můžeš podívat na firmy které testují a netestují.
Budu moc ráda, když si dáš ikonku této stránky na svůj blog/web. Rozhodně nemám najivní představy že se touhle stránkou něco změní. Jen chci, aby každý věděl že deně umírá miliony zvířat. Pomáhej zvířátkám na jejích PRÁVO ŽÍT !
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18. dubna 2009 v 8:54 | doggies


Seznam značek s HCS-HHPS dostupných v ČR

Výrobky následujících značek s HCS/HHPS jsou dosup v ČR:

Jason Natural Cosmetics- www.jason-natural.com
Laboratoire Holistica International -www.holistica.fr
L'Occitane -www.loccitane.com
Manufaktura -www.manufaktura.biz
Marks & Spencer -www.marks-and-spencer.cz
Mary Kay -www.marykay.cz
Montagne Jeunesse -www.montagnejeunesse.com
Organix South Inc. (Thera Neem) -www.organixsouth.com
The Body Shop -www.thebodyshop.cz
Urtekram -www.urtekram.cz

Seznam všech značek s certifikátem HCS a/nebo HHPS (řada z nich je k objednání přes internet nebo je můžete zakoupit při svých cestách do zahraničí):

21st Century Health
Abra Therapeutics Inc
Ael Creation
Afterglow Cosmetics
Alba Botanica
Allens Naturally
Anna Marie's Aromatherapy & Massage
Aqua Natural
Arbonne International
Aroma Bella
Aroma Crystal Therapy
Ashambri Skincare
Atelier de Cosmetique Artisanal
Aubrey Organics
Aunt Bee's Skin Care
Austin Rose
Avalon Natural Products
Bamboo Aesthetics
Beauty Without Cruelty (Visage International Partners Ltd)
Belisama Bath & Body
Belle & Bianca
Benefits Balm
Besso de Natura
Better Botanicals
Bio Aromes
Bio Pac
Bio-Bee Natursalva
Bio-D Company Ltd
Biogime Skincare
Biorganics Hair Therapy
Blooming Lotus
Body & Face St Cyrus
Body Bistro
Body Butter Factory
Bonica Natural Body Care
Bronzo Sensuale
Bug Off
Burt's Bees
Cactus & Ivy
California North
Camillas Naturprodukter och Ört Terapi
Caswell Massey Co Ltd
Ceres Aromaterapi
Christine Valmy Inc
Cibe Laboratori
Clean George
Clear Conscience Inc
Clearly Natural
Clearspring (Faith Products Ltd)
Co-op (The Co-Operative Group Ltd)
Coastal Classic Creations
Color My Image
Comforts for the Mind, Body & Spirit
Comptoir des Lys
Comptoir Provençal des Argiles
Coop Italia
Couleur Caramel
Crazy Rumors
Cuccio Naturalé
Daisy Blue Naturals
Dena Corporation
Deodorant Stones of America (DSA)
Derbe srl
Desert Mermaid
Devita Natural Skincare Systems
Dickinson Brands
Dolma Vegan Perfumes (Dolma)
Doux Me
Dr. Ken's (Floss & Go)
Dr. Taffi
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
Dr. Goodpet
Duchess Marden
Earth Alive
Earth Dance Botanical Bodycare
Earth Friendly Products
Earth Solutions
Earth's Beauty
Elemetal Herbs
Elizabeth Van Buren Aromaterapy
ELON Nail & Skin Essentials
EO Products/Small World Trading Co
Essential Oil Company Ltd
Essetnially Yours
Evan John Bartholomew snc
Face Atelier
Faith in Nature (Faith Products Ltd)
Faith Products Ltd (Clearspring/ Faith in Nature)
Famille Mary
Fleur de Mauges
Flora srl (Floritaly)
Forest Secrets Skincare
Forever New International
Freeman Cosmetics
French Transit
Färg & Förändring
Föllinge Nature of Sweden
Gabriel Cosmetics
Glad Rags
Good Home Company
Gourmet Body Treats
Grateful Body
Green Girl Basics
Greenridge Herbals
Greenwood Natural
Grime Eater
Halo, Purely for Pets
Hard Candy
Hawaiian Resources Company
Healthy Times Baby's Herbal Garden
Heather's Natural & Organic Cleaning Products
Helan Cosmesi di Laboratorio
Hemp Company Ltd
Herbal Secrets
Hoke 2
Honesty Cosmetics
Hugo Naturals
Hyteck Aroma-Zone
Indica sas
Infinite Aloe
Inky Loves Nature
ISH Ionic Rescue
It's Elixir
J&D Black Ltd (Hollytrees)
Jacki's Magic Lotion
Jason Natural Cosmetics
Jess' Bee Natural Lip Balm
Joe Blasco Cosmetics
JR Liggett
Juice Beauty
Karawan Authentic
Kingfisher natural Toothpaste
Kirk's Naturals
Kiss My Face
Kobashi Essential Oils
KPL Cosmetics Ltd (Liz Earle Cosmetics)
KSA Jojoba
Kuyomayé Bio
Laboratoire Alvend
Laboratoire Body Nature
Laboratoire Gravier
Laboratoire Holistica International
Laboratoire Natescience
Laboratoire Phyto-Actif
Laboratoire Phyt's SAS
Lakon Herbals
Le Secret Naturel
Les Ânes d'Autan
Les Douces Angevines
Lifehair Oy
Lip-Ink International
Little Forest Natural Baby Products
Lize Earle Cosmetics (KPL Cosmetics Ltd)
London Oil Refining Company Ltd (Astonish)
Lotus Moon
Louise Bianco
Love The Planet
Maggie's Pure Land Products
Magick Botanicals
Make-Up International (Face to Face)
Marks & Spencer
Mary Kay
Max Green Alchemy
Mère Cie
Method Products
Mi Amore Skincare, LLC
Mia Rose
Mondo Solidale
Montagne Jeunesse
Moor Spa International Ltd (Moor)
Mountain Green of Arizona
Mountain Ocean
My Lip Stuff
Mystic Wonders Inc
Nadina's Cremes
Nail Aid
NakedHerbs, LLC
Naturade Inc
Natural by Nature Oils
Nature Clean
Nature's Gate
Nature's Soap Dish
Neal's Yard Remedies
Nectar Essences
New Vision
Nick & Milly
No Cows
Only Yourx Skin Care
Oracle Organics
Orange Mate
Organic Health and Beauty
Organic Make-up Company
OrganixSouth Inc. (Thera Neem)
Orjene Organics
Osea International
Outside/In Cosmetics
Pangea Organics
Paul Mitchell
Pittstown Soapworks
Planet Inc.
Pro-Tec Pet Health
Pure Gaisha
Pure Touch
Pureskin Sverige
Queen Helene
Quinessence Aromatherapy
Rachel Perry
Rare Natural Care
Raw Gaia
Red Star Hand Crafted Soaps
Renée Rouleau Skin Care
Rosagårdens Hudvårdsserie
SanRe Organic Skinfood
Saponificio Gianasso srl
Sappo Hill Soapworks
Scandia Spa
Sae Chi Organics
Sedona Spa Products
Seventh Generation
Sewing Expressions
Shaman Earthly Organics
Simplers Botanical Company
Simply Soap
Skincare for Athletes
Solutions Environmental Systems Ltd
Soluzione Spa Products
Sombra Cosmetics
Sonoma Soap
Sound Earth, LLC
Spasome Balms
Spring Rain Botanicals
St John's Herb Garden
Strong Products
Suma Foods (Triangle Wholefoods Collective Ltd)
Sunfeather Natural Soap Company
The Co-Operative Group Ltd (Co-op)
The Body Shop
The Purity Project
The Soap Opera
Tom's of maine
Too Faced Cosmetics
Triangle Wholefoods Collective Ltd (Suma Foods)
Un-petroleum Lip Care
Urban Decay
Valleberga örtprodukter
Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery
Vermont Soapworks
Visage International Partners Ltd (Beauty Without Cruelty)
W.S. Badger
Warm Earth Cosmetics
Well In Hand
Whole Spectrum Aromatherapy
Wholefood Farmacy
WuChi by Maks
Xeno Company
Zen Spa
ZuZu Luxe

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101 Jason Jason | 6. května 2012 v 23:44 | Reagovat

Oriflame netestuje, dělal jsem výzkum na třídní projekt.

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108 Vera Vera | 9. srpna 2012 v 22:37 | Reagovat

Oriflame testuje ako besny, ich vyhlasenia, neznamenaju nic. Radsej "uznam" firmu, ktora sa netaji tym, ze testuje, aj ked je to nechutne svinstvo, ako niekoho, kto kvoli marketingovym tahom klame cely svet a pritom pouziva vyrobky testovane na zvieratach. :-!

109 Pavla Pavla | E-mail | 10. prosince 2012 v 15:42 | Reagovat

jsem proti týýýýýýýýýýýrrrrrrrrrráááááááááánnnnnnnnííííííííí..je to hnusný :-!  :-!  :-!

110 ila ila | 12. prosince 2012 v 17:58 | Reagovat

oriflame a alverde testuje ---pozor!!! :-(

111 hhhh hhhh | 5. srpna 2015 v 23:51 | Reagovat

Alverde netestuje ty blbko !! ;-)

112 kikina kikina | E-mail | 4. dubna 2016 v 16:52 | Reagovat

A testuje i playboy na zvířatech ?

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